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The task for Peterhead’s ‘grand bakers’ has been confirmed by organisers of the 9th Great Buchan Bake Off. The event that takes place during Peterhead Scottish Week has been inspired by the recent Platinum Jubilee Celebrations for Her Majesty The Queen.

In February this year, a competition was held by Fortnum & Mason (London) for bakers across the country to submit their ideas for a ‘Platinum Jubilee Pudding’. The winning pudding – a trifle with lemon swiss roll and amaretti – was created by Jemma Melvin, beating 5000 desserts.

It follows British Royal traditions like coronation chicken (for the Queen Elizabeth’s  coronation in 1953) and the Victoria sponge (in honour of Queen Victoria)

Scottish Week celebrates its ‘Diamond Jubilee’ this year, so it was thought that ‘Jubilee Pudding’ would tie in nicely.

The former Peterhead O.A.P. Social Club on Windmill Street will be the venue this year, which takes place on Sunday 17th July. Bakers will make the dessert at home, before presenting it to the judges. The judges select the top three based on taste, smell, presentation etc. As with every ‘Great Buchan Bake Off’ entrants and judges will never see one another, in order to keep everything fair.

Scottish Week organisers appreciate that this particular dessert may be new for many and therefore have provided a link for the recipe. In addition, most recipe’s online suggest ’20 person serving suggestion’ but bakers can obviously make this in a smaller quantity.

Click on the link for the recipe.


Scottish Week Team